The Bear Went Over the Mountain

It has all come full circle. I have become my parents.   Tonight we watched Forrest Gump with the kids. I do not recommend this movie for 8 and 11-year-olds. Sure, Forrest is sweet, but bullying, child abuse, racism, war, death, amputation, implied nudity, sex, drugs, cancer, AIDs. This is not a kid’s movie. We […]

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Recipe for a Good Weekend: The Five Bs

I know everyone else says their Labor Day weekend was great, but I’m pretty sure mine was the best.   First of all, I have an 11 year old now. We took him and five of his friends to the G braves game. The main thing you need to know about the Gwinnett Braves is […]

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And So I Shall Write

Books with Mug and Pottery

I haven’t even written anything this year. Not one post. I used to write every day. I’ve mentioned it before, but life has gotten in the way a lot lately. I am often tired. Part of it is due to going back to work. There is also a part of me that wrestles with things […]

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An Update on Jane

I thought i would post an update about my cousin Jane’s murder case. The man who killed her was sentenced today. I was going to just put the link on Facebook, but I know there are some folks who read my blog who aren’t on Facebook, and also, I just felt like i needed to […]

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In Her Hand

My baby is 8. This cannot be. Also, i just ate the rest of that cake with coffee for 2nd breakfast. A pitfall of working from home.

I’m no longer one of those moms with babies. Or toddlers. I’ll never have a preschooler or a kindergartner again. It’s sad, but so so sweet, too.

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I See the Future

Rollie. 4th Grade. Wow.

No matter how many times I look at this, it fails to become less funny. And this is a little freaky. . . Afraid this is just a taste of the awkward middle school years. Uh, yeah. . . We’ll be doing a retake.

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It Takes a (Yurt) Village

Sunset II

Oh, hello blog! Long time, no see. So, I have failed completely at updating my blog on a regular basis. But i just can’t let the old girl go – she has brought me so much joy. What we’ve been up to: Life. I have a ten year old now. I HAVE A TEN YEAR […]

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Try Not to Suck

So, on a personal note, and I am not speaking on behalf of any particular organization, but I do a lot of volunteering, and i have a full time job, and I worked almost the whole past weekend volunteering for my kids’ school. Like, I stayed home and revamped a website while my family went […]

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