Dogwood Girl

Things We Didn’t Know

Recently missed questions in trivia: Travel: Out of the three major airports serving the New York City area, which one is the smallest? TV Bonus Question: In the first five seasons of American Idol, who were the five runners-up? (You only have to come up with four.) TV: What law drama had an episode with a Podiatrist who refused to… Read more →

Cool Idea

Todd and I have really been recycling like crazy this year, and it is amazing how much we have reduced the amount of crap in the trash. I get absolutely giddy when I fill up my composting bin and take it out and dump it on the pile. I know. Glamorous and exciting life I lead here. It is also… Read more →

Best Christmas Ever!

Okay, not ever. It wasn’t as good as the Christmas I got the real Xavier Roberts doll, or the Barbie Dream House, or the Breyer Horse Stable. But it was the best one as an adult since a few years ago when I got Frye harness boots and my Ipod Nano. Replacement Ipod for the one i killed and Rock… Read more →

Lost Arts

I have always been fascinated by the way that people lived, survived, ate, and lived in the past. Maybe it was too much Little House, but i have always been amazed at the things that people knew how to do. Baking, and sewing, candlemaking, fire banking, farming and building things with their hands.. . these have always been things that… Read more →

Tiller’s Christmas Pageant

Unless you are a grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, or someone else with a deep attachment to the girl, you can just stop reading now. The pageant went off without a hitch, so there are no tantrums, crying jags, meltdowns or otherwise entertaining portions of the video. Just a bunch of little kids shaking bells and singing. Just posting it for Todd… Read more →


There is no sweeter sound than the sound of one’s child and husband singing “Jingle Bells” together. I keep on thinking we should cancel the whole Christmas season, what with all the extra work it creates, but I don’t really mean it. Christmas has not been this magical for me since the horror of finding out about Santa. That is… Read more →