Dogwood Girl

The Punk King

Bet you thought this was a really hip, insightful post about music. Not even close. I love it when Rollie mispronounces words and they come out sounding like totally different words or phrases altogether. My current favorite: “punk king” for “pumpkin.” In a similar vein, I also like “chick king” for “chicken.” The francaise-sounding “chat” for “cat.” The cowboy-influenced “doagie”… Read more →


There are many different kinds of pride. There is pride in one’s own accomplishments. There is pride in one’s children. And then there is the pride one feels at being acknowledged for their accomplishments by the one person whose opinion means more than anyone else’s. Thank you for saying, “I’m proud of you for sticking with it.” I needed to… Read more →

The Child Divided

Today is the day that Todd and I get up in the morning, and barely speak to one another.See, Todd married a Georgia Bulldog fan; and I married an Auburn Tiger. After we have our coffee, we move on to pointed barbs, and disparaging one another’s states of origin. I might mention something about Auburn not being focused enough to… Read more →

Adventures with Rollie

Okay, Rollie. I admit it: It is really fun to play stuffed-animal-hair-salon while drying my own hair. The Hippo really needed a blowout – He was looking kind of frizzy. And I especially love it when you look on like the proud parent and then smile appreciatively when I finish styling one of them and hand them to you. Now,… Read more →