Dogwood Girl

Boo at the Zoo

As promised, here are some pictures from our first “Boo at the Zoo” at Zoo Atlanta: Are we really going to go out in public dressed like this? Todd and Rollie take a break from Trick or Treating. This is what Matilda the Angel did the whole afternoon. Rollie rides the Ostrich on the carousel at the zoo. (That’s me,… Read more →

Question of the Day

Can Joe T. handle the pressure? We’ll see. . . four hours till kickoff. In the meantime, Todd and I are taking Rollie and Matilda to the Grant Park zoo for Boo at the Zoo. Should be. . .really tame, as compared with a number of my Halloweens in the past. Let’s see: Daylight. No drugs or alcohol. I’m not… Read more →

Queries for the AAP

Queries for the American Academy of Pediatrics: How many hours of the same Thomas the Tank Engine episode can a 26 month-old toddler view before his brain begins to melt out of his ears? What are the American Academy of Pediatrics standards for duct-taping a pacifier onto a three-week old’s mouth? Thanks in advance,Harried Mother Read more →

40 Weeks, 4 Days

Had my second appointment of the week. Still no changes in my cervix, baby performed well on the non-stress test, and still no contractions. We discussed the situation, and the fact that they will induce me next week if I haven’t gone into labor by then. I have an appointment for Monday at 10:45 am. They will do the Biophysical… Read more →