Dogwood Girl

Tiller’s New Haircut

I live vicariously through my daughter’s hair. Yes, you heard me right. I have long bemoaned the curse of the curl, that never allows me to have bangs or cute bobs, or even a decent Dorothy Hamill growing up. But now i have a Tiller! A straight-haired, sharp-cut banged Tiller! In the bob that I wanted in 6th grade. (Instead… Read more →

Nano Update

Well, I fell off the wagon a few days this week, but find that when I sit down to write, I am pretty damn fast at cranking this stuff out. I am at 32475, i think. Plenty of time left to meet my goal, and I honestly think this is going to go over 50,000 words. I am so glad… Read more →

Art For Kids

This morning, I heard Todd and Rollie talking about one of Rollie’s paintings from school. We get about three per week. They are . . . interesting. I didn’t hear the whole conversation, but Todd came in with eyebrows raised, looking a little speechless, then asked if I had overheard what they were discussing. “Rollie, come in here and show… Read more →

A Few Things I know

My mama tells a good story. Coming from a long line of alcoholics makes for a much more interesting family history. Hearing that your distinguished ancestors broke their faces, pissed themselves, and liked to sing when they got drunk makes it feel like you are honoring them when you make an ass of yourself. You just don’t play the piano… Read more →