Author: Dogwood Girl

Most Productive November Evah

I ran my first half-marathon on Thanksgiving. I wrote a novel. Not bad* for November. . . . *I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping. Okay, i haven’t even started my Christmas shopping, unless you count snowglobes from the Dollar Tree. Also, my novel is complete crap and it is non-fiction crap, at that. Read more →

Dogwood Girl Runs, Writes, Congratulates, Coughs

I know i have been missing in action during most of November. I attribute this to a)NanoWriMO b)Half-marathon training and c) family sickness. So, i have about 2000 words left on NaNo today. I finished the half on Thursday. This may not seem like much until you drive to Chamblee Marta station (the approximate starting line) and then drive down… Read more →

Tiller’s New Haircut

I live vicariously through my daughter’s hair. Yes, you heard me right. I have long bemoaned the curse of the curl, that never allows me to have bangs or cute bobs, or even a decent Dorothy Hamill growing up. But now i have a Tiller! A straight-haired, sharp-cut banged Tiller! In the bob that I wanted in 6th grade. (Instead… Read more →

Nano Update

Well, I fell off the wagon a few days this week, but find that when I sit down to write, I am pretty damn fast at cranking this stuff out. I am at 32475, i think. Plenty of time left to meet my goal, and I honestly think this is going to go over 50,000 words. I am so glad… Read more →

Art For Kids

This morning, I heard Todd and Rollie talking about one of Rollie’s paintings from school. We get about three per week. They are . . . interesting. I didn’t hear the whole conversation, but Todd came in with eyebrows raised, looking a little speechless, then asked if I had overheard what they were discussing. “Rollie, come in here and show… Read more →