Author: Dogwood Girl

A Very Happy "Happy"

Sunday was Todd’s birthday. I got up with Rollie and let Todd sleep in that day. While he was still in bed, I attempted to teach Rollie to say, “Happy Birthday, Dada.” It was a no-go. He would say, “happy” or “birthday”, or “dada,” but no way i could get him to say all three together. We attempted it, though,… Read more →


39 Weeks, 4 Days

I had my weekly appointment this morning. I have been having some stronger BH, lots of pelvic/rectal (TMI?) pressure, the occasional shooting pelvic pain, and some stronger, almost painful contractions, so I decided to let them check me. (They ask you if you want to anytime after 37 wks and i normally refuse, but this time i felt like maybe… Read more →

38 Plus Two

Yep, I’m down to counting the days. Could be two or three more weeks. Could be tomorrow. The wa-a-a-iting is the hardest part. Rollie had his first big-boy haircut today. We went to Stylin’ Kids. Not bad for a 17 dollar haircut – he was pretty good, even letting Marilyn, the stylist, shave the back of his neck. Usually, clippers… Read more →