Dogwood Girl

Introducing Scarlett

It seems like my posts are often inspired by op-ed pieces i read in the NY Times. This morning’s inspiration was an article written by author Alice Hoffman, entitled The Books of Summer. The article explores the phenomenon of associating a book that you read with a particular summer of your life, much like one associates particular songs or albums… Read more →

The Ultimate Sacrifice

No, not that ultimate sacrifice. . . . I’m talking about the one where my husband kills the snake. That’s right, my total stud of a husband did not hesitate to defend his home and family from the looming threat of the snake. For those that don’t me well, i have a small phobia of snakes. By phobia, i mean… Read more →

Major League Debut

Last night, Todd came home with four tix to the Braves/Cubs game. For all of his efforts at avoiding attending the baseball game with his toddler son and 7-months pregnant wife, he could only find one other friend to go with him, so Rollie and I decided to take the two extra tickets. [evil laugh] Todd had reservations about Rollie’s… Read more →

Haul Out the Deep Fryer!

This morning, I read a New York Times article entitled “Chicken on the Plate, Family on the Side” . The article discusses Emily Saliers’ (of Indigo Girls fame) Decatur, Georgia restaurant, Watershed, but more importantly, it discusses the link between Southern cooking and the Southern family. I often think about what it means to be “Southern” and about what parts… Read more →

Seven Months

Turns out I don’t post that often. I haven’t posted since finding out Iwas expecting! Well, it is month seven of the pregnancy. i am 27 weeks, and I am big as a house. This baby (it’s a girl!) is quite the kicker. Much more so than Rollie was. I sometimes yell out and scare the shit out of Todd… Read more →


So, I went to my midwife’s apptmt. She is awesome, and agreed totally that i needed to go back on glucophage for the PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and wrote me a script for that and the provera to jumpstart AF. Then, she had me do a blood test, just to rule out pg. She said to hold off on taking… Read more →