Dogwood Girl

The End

You know any shred of cool you once had is completely obliterated by parenthood when you get a local list of arts and entertainment coming to your town and the only show that you actually consider is Sesame Street Live: Elmo’s Coloring Book. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. . . . Read more →

Introducing Scarlett

It seems like my posts are often inspired by op-ed pieces i read in the NY Times. This morning’s inspiration was an article written by author Alice Hoffman, entitled The Books of Summer. The article explores the phenomenon of associating a book that you read with a particular summer of your life, much like one associates particular songs or albums… Read more →

The Ultimate Sacrifice

No, not that ultimate sacrifice. . . . I’m talking about the one where my husband kills the snake. That’s right, my total stud of a husband did not hesitate to defend his home and family from the looming threat of the snake. For those that don’t me well, i have a small phobia of snakes. By phobia, i mean… Read more →