Dogwood Girl

To Poo in Peace

I really miss being able to take a dump in peace. Nowadays, The Boy is with me EVERY single SECOND of every day. I can’t even poop by myself. Today, i opened the door to the downstairs bath to go in and poop (The Angelic Husband wasn’t there) hoping that The Boy would just play quietly, but nope, he wants… Read more →

First Blood

The Boy and the Angelic Husband were sitting in the den, watching cartoons, while I cooked dinner. The Boy has been especially ornery the last few days, as he has two teeth ripping through his upper gum at once. I can’t remember what it was like to cut my own baby teeth, but I can only imagine that it is… Read more →

Toddler Logic

The Boy knows that he is, under no circumstances, to stand up in the bathtub. So we have gotten to the point now that if he does defy us, and attempt a stand, bathtime is over, PERIOD. Last night, I do the usual washing, and then let him play with his toys in the bath. He tries to stand. I… Read more →