Dogwood Girl

Five Adjectives

I’ve thought about the “what five words describe you best?” question often, but never remember to blog about it. Then I read Pioneer Woman’s post Five Adjectives and was reminded. Except that she allows nouns also, which to me kind of changes the nature of the question, so I will do one of each: Five Adjectives and Five Nouns that… Read more →

Grief and Guilt

Grief is a funny thing. You think you have a handle on it, then it washes anew over you, catching you at the moment you least expect it. I finished up my breakfast, then brushed my teeth. Ready for my run, I headed for the hooks in the kitchen where we hang everything: Totes, my Grandma Palmer’s aprons, keys, hats,… Read more →

My Career as a Carny is Not to Be

I am so lazy this morning. Yesterday was a whirlwind of parenting errands. Okay, that is a lie. Having the Apple folks look at my Ipod, which crapped out after slapping the pavement on Thursday’s run (Oh, the sadness of running back home with no music!), at 9 am, after dropping Rollie off in the rainy carpool mess, was a… Read more →

My Buddy

The other day, i was listening to the radio on my television. One of those music channels options. I do that sometimes when i am washing dishes or cleaning the main floor of the house, because i get tired of the CDs in my kitchen. (You can only listen to my usuals: Blonde on Blonde, Pleased to Meet Me, and… Read more →

Zombie Princess

So, we got all zombified on Saturday night, and the kids were enthralled with the whole process. I guess we did a pretty good job, because Tiller would not kiss me goodbye when we left. And when Rollie saw me, his reaction was, “You look like a really, really not-very-good Princess.” And let’s be honest, I would never make a… Read more →

We are the Undead

Todd, Kate, and I went to the Zombie Prom last night. It was a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness, and who doesn’t like to dress up as a zombie to save boobies? Much fun (and brains) were had by all. More pictures of zombies here. Read more →

A Town With Church Bells Ringing

This past weekend, we spent a couple of days with my parents at the lakehouse. It was cold and windy on Sunday, but we couldn’t all six stay cooped up in the little two-bedroom cabin together, so Todd and I took the kids into town to play at the park. Tiller and Rollie ran around on the playground while Todd… Read more →