Technical Writer Seeks Agency Producer

So, Todd just shared this article about what agency producers, like, actually DO. (I had to read it, because frankly, sometimes I don’t really know. Just seems like he’s talking on the phone a lot about LA, pitches, clients, costumes, and casting. And monkeys. Or bears. Or craft service. Or Roach Wranglers. Or animatronic mice, or whatever.)

I read it. I say, “That pretty much sounds like how you are in real life. You must have the perfect job for you. You are like this in marriage.” And he says, “Oh, there was this other one going around. Google, “I want to marry a producer.”

I google I want to marry a producer. What this guys writes is pretty much true about being married to a producer. Producers make good partners in life.

So, then I say, I wonder if someone has written “I want to marry a Technical Writer.”

We Google it. This is the first thing that comes up:

Ask a Cranky Technical Writer


Very funny. Very, very funny Internet.


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