That was a rough one

I write about a lot of different stuff on Dogwood Girl. One of the things I write about is what it’s like to live in an SEC mixed marriage. In a word, it’s hard. You love your spouse, you love your team. You have many, many friends on both sides of the ball. No matter what the outcome, half the people you know, and either your better half, or you yourself, are going to be devastated, angry, petty, disappointed, sad, or angsty. On a good day, everyone will be gracious, sympathetic, thoughtful. Those are sometimes hard to come by on Saturdays in the South.

Anyways, I wrote this really quick last night and posted on Facebook after Georgia’s heartbreaking (wrenching, sickening) loss to Auburn. But I decided I should post it here, for the sake of continuity.

And also because I don’t want to forget come November 2014 that I need to treat my friends and family on the other side of the ball with graciousness, win or loss. I don’t want to forget what it feels like when people laugh their asses off at others’ pain. There is good-natured ribbing, and there is meanness. I have been the recipient and the giver of both. Just need to be reminded of it all this time next year.

Finally, i think one day, i will be gone, but my kids will get a kick out of the fact that my husband and I were so passionate about something, and that we have something special. The kids will laugh at how nuts we got over stupid football games. They will wish they could sit down and watch one more game with us. (Well, maybe not Tiller. She wants to go to “a school that doesn’t have football.” Funny, because i also did not care about football either when it came to picking a college.)


Dawgwood Girl

Thoughts on the Georgia/Auburn game:

- I thought we’d get blown out, so I am super pleased we stayed in it.


- I am forever amazed that I can quit drinking for 9 months, grow a whole organ to feed it, and then squeeze it out of my vagina, then keep it alive for ten years, and it will have the nerve to say war eagle in my face.


- Dawgs played like motherfucking badasses in the 2nd half. I am proud of them.


- I would take Murray in my caravan when the shit goes down in the apocalypse.


- That last play was possibly the luckiest damn thing I have ever seen in all my life, like a bible wound, or something along those lines. I haven’t felt that sick since January.


- I am pretty sure @Todd Johnson and I will never, ever have intercourse on the day of a Georgia Auburn game. ever.


- All of Alabama is dead to me. Burn the whole thing down.


- I would rather cut off one of my index fingers, or maybe a big toe, than listen to that voice mail on my phone from Iain Stewart.


Love to my dawgs, love to my Auburn peeps – It is always painful, it is always awesome, it is never boring.

Kinda like life.

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  • Edie spent the last 5 minutes of the Auburn-Texas A&M game in the front yard because ‘the yelling isn’t as loud there’. But the game on Saturday had her screaming and hyperventilating towards the end.
    Tiller will come around.

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