A Good Birthday

I will do a post for Tiller’s birthday this coming week. Right now, I don’t want to take time out from this wonderful day.

Early October on the lake is the absolute best. Cool for coffee on the screened porch and birdwatching. Finished The Exile.

Warmed up and the kids swam while I continued reading my book club book.

Fished for a while, didn’t catch anything, and didn’t much care.

Took the jetski out on a completely glassy lake. A bird followed us for a quarter of a mile, flying just feet above the water. Swam and built sand castles on the beach at Goat Island. It’s not often you get to spend your daughter’s fifth birthday on an empty island in the middle of an empty lake on a sunny early October day.

Some moments are almost perfect. Just wish Todd was here.


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