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So, had a nice day. Got up early, went to family reunion. I like to see my Mom hang with her family, or as we call them around the house, “her people.” The kids swam like fish, and we ate burgers and dogs, and drank beer. It was awesome to see my cousins that I never get to see, even though we didn’t get nearly enough time together. It is hard to pay attention to people when you are trying to make sure your children aren’t drowning. it is distracting. I think that being distracted is one of the hardest parts of being a parent. You constantly feel distracted.

Todd stayed home, because he had been out so late the night before, working on a shoot that ended up lasting 21 hours. I gave him a pass on the reunion, because that’s how i roll.

When i got home, we put kids in pjs, then I took a shower and we headed out to my friend Evan’s. Evan and I have known each other since forever. I think he was 11 and I was 10 when we first met. I can’t believe that I have friends that I have known for TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS. Seriously. That is a long ass time.

Evan and his wife have a Rock Paper Scissors Tournament every year. Nope. not Kidding. Pretty fun stuff. Evan is also one of the most awesome people that I know, because he does things like build his own Giant Jenga. Have you ever played Jenga? Yeah, it’s fun. Now imagine playing it with big old 2X4s, cut to proportional Jenga size. This is hard to explain, but basically, it creates a Jenga that is as high as you. So, if Jenga falls, you get injured feet. It is pretty fun. I rocked it. Which means somebody else lost and i didn’t get mushed toes. There were also some boys who decided to create their own Danger Jenga, which was basically a bunch of boys piling wood and coolers, and boxes and shit on top of each other to create a tower. I like.

And then there was the weird Dance Off. It turns out that one of my son’s classmate’s father works with Evan. This father is quietish and the wife is really shy and quiet. Then I hear one day that these folks crashed a NYE party. The father danced like a maniac while the wife watched. Women were amazed by his moves. I was skeptical. So, the guy shows up at Evan’s. He BROUGHT HIS OWN MUSIC. Not kidding.

And then, after a while, he and another guy proceeded to have a dance off. There were splits, spewing beer, and a stripper pole involved.

And I was worried that they were going to be upset that their daughter’s room mother knocked back five beers in two hours. . . . silly me. I’m still kind of amazed that i am a parent.

Oh, tomorrow, I will have to tell you about Play Him Off Keyboard Cat, and also the list that Jason and I gave to Evan. How odd is it to see what you wrote at 18 years of age, after 20 years? So odd.


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  1. Jason
    August 2, 2009 at 8:42 am

    Shit. I knew we left too early!. Who was the dancer, Jason?

    Evan showed you the list? Who physically wrote it – you or me – or was it in both of our handwriting?

    Double shit!

  2. August 2, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    You ruined everything, because evan would NOT share the list with me. We agreed that I could see it, from afar, and that I could pick three numbers and he would read those items from the list. If you had been there, we coulda seen the whole thing. Damn you.

    I saw the list. The envelope had my writing on the outside. Not cursive. I believe it said, “Evan, do not open until you get to college. P.s. If you’re into that shit.”

    The majority of it looked like my handwriting, but I seem to remember us taking turns as things came to us.

    The best one that i remember from last night was, “I can’t go up your driveway. My brakes might give out.” Or maybe it was “only halfway up the driveway.” Can’t remember now. Made me laugh hard and Evan laugh hard, and all the other people just didn’t get it.

  3. Jason
    August 2, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    I laughed outloud twice! “If you’re into that shit” and, as I remember it, “Jayce, I can only drop you off half way up your driveway because my brakes are bad”! God, I haven’t thought of that in 20 years!

  4. August 2, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    We need to make this happen. Too funny not to. . .

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