First Day of School

I realized on Tuesday morning, as I got Tiller ready to go to her first day at the new school, that we almost forgot to take any pictures. I really wanted to never forget to take pictures of her, what with her being the second child and all. So, we rushed around, and took a picture and a snippet of video, and then the memory card was full, even though there was seemingly nothing on it, and then Todd spent a half hour figuring out the problem, and Gee, isn’t it great that technology makes our life so much easier.

Anyway, here is the video and a pic of the Tills. Notice that she is holding her new tote bag. Her school doesn’t allow backpacks. At first, I was about to get all riled up, like they were worried that her bag might contain a handgun, and the tote would make it easier for Security to check her bag while they were frisking her for bodily weapons, but alas, it seems that it just makes it easier to slip her artwork in and out. Which i get. So, instead of buying their stupid ten dollar churchy bag (you want my kid to advertise for your church, you better give her an endorsement deal), I bought her the cute Target one with the record player on it. Take that, bitches!

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2 Responses to “First Day of School”

  1. Mike Maier says:

    what is she talking about?

  2. Dogwood Girl says:

    She is saying something to the effect of: “I am going to school to play with my friends” (but that sounds like ‘fans.”) and then she is going to invite Rollie to her birthday, which is funny, because we were supposed to be talking about school.

    We never have any idea what she is talking about – very strange kid.

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