Here’s The Deal

Remember when they asked who wants to be room mom, and everyone sat around trying not to make eye contact with anyone else? And then one person had already signed up for it, but she wasn’t there, and they still needed another person, and the teacher looked right at us and said, “Which one of you is going to do this? Sign right there?”

And we stared at each other until i sighed and signed on the dotted line.

And that, that was the point where you gave up your right to bitch about how disorganized the classroom is this year.

Also? I am not apologizing for coming across as conceited when I said i was worried about my kid not being challenged enough. I am proud that my kid can read, and I was just being honest about my concerns.

One last thing: Todd is taking wagers on when I will lose it and either a) be excommunicated from PTA and asked to step down as room mother or b) yell fuck the PTA and quit.

I am betting right around the Halloween party.


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