Humiliating Photo of the Day

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This one almost needs no description. I guess I took this photo (thank god for little blessings) and I am not sure how it came about, but dear lord it makes me laugh just to look at it. I still talk to Owen, Brett, Camille and Jason. No clue what happened to randy. Anyone?

Added plus to this photo is that someone brought a checkerboard pillow case. Awesome.

Awesomest part is that my parents actually kissed me goodbye and put me into a car with these people for a week. . . .

Spring Break, 1990.

Guess I should go ahead and add a link to the whole Spring Break set, for those that care.

Must go email Owen and find out if any of these shirts still exist. Or the pillowcase. Either would be awesome.

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  • I often wonder what hell I would pay if digital cameras and picture phones existed in my youth.

    Thank god this moment was captured.

    Forget every question you have about how there were enough misfits tees to go around or how our bangs were long enough to make devilocks. What the fuck is Randy doing with a filter for his cigarette?

  • I think, for some reason, that Randy’s family moved to Australia. At any rate. He moved. But I can’t remember when. I think it was before graduation, though.

  • Jason, that filter is the weirdest thing ever! I don’t remember him having that any other time. V. random.

    Nat, Australia sounds right for some reason. . .

  • haha. I love looking at old pictures like this. the checkered pillow case is classic!

  • randy’s hair looks a little like eddie munster. i’m not sure what this picture says about our youth, but i keep reminding myself that it was ALMOST 20 YEARS AGO. whew- that makes me feel better.

  • Does it really make you feel better? it makes me feel old and like maybe i didn’t sow enough wild oats! I’m not old yet and I still want to be irresponsible and do stupid shit!

    I seriously think we need to do a reunion picture.

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