If You Live in Dekalb, You Should Read This Daily

The great blog Dekalb County School Watch published a Shayna Steinfeld post yesterday imploring the Board of Education to re-examine their business processes.

Time to re-examine how business is conducted in DeKalb County Schools is really worth a read. I think she makes some great points.

Most importantly, if you are not paying attention to the elections this Fall of Board of Education members (even if there is no seat up this year for your district), then you are doing the children of the county a disservice and you are jeopardizing your own community and property values. Dekalb County schools are well on their way to looking as bad as Clayton County. Think many people are itching to move into Clayton? Nope.

I highly recommend you follow the Dekalb County School Watch and educate yourself about those running for BoE.


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