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Okay, is there possibly a more pretentious band name than “The Paradigms?” I think not. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t even know the definition of that word when these guys used it for the name of their band. But boy, it sounded cool!

Another gem dug up in Camille’s basement. I’m guessing Chris Rank took this one, too. I like the way it’s on a slant. I like the car, and the way that mike looks all squeaky-clean early 60s, while Johns looks laid back California. This is an anomaly, because John, for pretty much all of high school, wore only white tees.

I am pretty sure that I can’t name one song of theirs, but I did hold onto a cassette up until about 2001, the sad day when we had a garage sale and I sold my entire cassette collection to the dude that worked the kitchen at the Flat Iron. i hope he is taking care of them.

Oh, yeah, and here is another picture of Mike, with that same late 50s, early 60s feel. This almost assuredly is a Battle of the Bands or somesuch.

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  • Those photos are so cute. You are right about the early 60s feel. Hee. : )

  • Love the photo, that is how I still think of Mike, even though those curls are long gone. None of the Maier girls got them, only the boys. We were always a bit jealous. I’ll be real impressed if you have any of the green Pinto that I passed on to Mike. Wasn’t it voted “coolest car” of your senior year?

  • That car was a death trap! That being said, I accept your challenge and will enlist the services of mike and Camille to see what we can come up with. . .

  • Anne – you should not be surprised to hear that not only do I still have the paradigms tape, I think I even recorded the paradigms first official bootleg album. Unsure of where it was…I am thinking Mike’s basement.

    On another note, do you have a picture of Charlie singing with his back to the stage…

  • Man, I have to dig through the old photos tonight. You would think at least I would have a tape but I guess I have to blame the 23 times I moved between 1995 and 2005. Plus I knew John would always have one…
    That party was in John’s basement- I remember because my Mom broke it up and took a hard earned and unopened bottle of whiskey away from us.

  • LOl about your mom, mike. That is v. funny. Jason, I am not surprised at all that you have kept that stuff. Probably sealed in acid-free lignin paper.

  • Oh, and I don’t think i have pics of charlie singing, but I would have to look through the old albums. Also give me time – i am still going through the high school ones . . .

  • Also I wish you had a pic of Cecil’s face when Charlie came over with eyeliner on. You guys were going to the masquerade to see some band. That’s good stuff.

  • Man! Memories. Whose VW is that?

    The Paradigms. LOL
    I was such a groupie. I don’t have my tape either. But I think, somewhere, I have a CD from John’s second band The Betmars. His latest band had a new album out (well new, 1-2 yrs ago).
    Vinegar is the band’s name. FYI

    It was probably Chris Rank that took the picture. Seems I remember several photo shoots that Chris Rank did of the band.

    I wonder what Micah is up to. Anyone know?

  • Lisa. I just spewed coke out my nose at the thought of Cecil and Charlie and the eye liner. HysTERical.

    Nat, I also could not remember anyone with that van. . . LOl about Betmars. Also had that one. And the vinegar thing is hysterical – I told you about T’s friend who ended up living w/ John’s ex? funny.

    Also, no idea what happened to Micah.

  • Jason’s wife did do the Hiawassee swim last year. No time this year, though. Thank goodness Jason told me about how he manned a canoe at Al’s race so Doug is going to do that at my race. Way less scary is Doug is on the lookout. : )

  • You are gonna do great in that race! I am so proud of you. And would love to man a canoe for you in the future if Doug can’t. . .

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