Mossy Rocks: A Dream

I just had this weird moment over coffee, where I remembered seeing a flash of mossy green rocks. Something beautiful in the landscape. It felt like I forgot to do something. I paused and thought about what it was I was forgetting, and I realized it was in my dream last night. I rode in a car, face to the window, as we drove by a myriad of beautiful landscapes. The feeling was one of almost a panicked forgetting that I wanted to go back to see something later.

In my dream, we were on a vacation, and driving around on flat roads, with landscapes by the roadside. In my dream, it felt like the beach, but with these cool, emerald green landscapes that were almost vignettes. I’d pass one, and think, “How beautiful. I need to go home with the family, then come back and photograph that when I have time to by myself.”

And that memory of wet green longing is what I remembered this morning.

I think maybe it is partially my mind trying to balance my obligations and the needs of my family with my desire to spend time on my own and explore things. I also think it is my mind telling me I need to reconnect with nature. I don’t get that anymore now that the lake house is gone. I think that is a gaping hole in my heart and my stomach and my soul, and I need to figure out a way to fill it with something else. And I think the photography facet, the fact that I wanted to photograph these landscapes, is my yearning to create.

There’s no story here, no revelation. I’m just writing it down so that I don’t forget the longing, and to remind myself to find and photograph the mossy rocks in 2016.

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2 Responses to “Mossy Rocks: A Dream”

  1. Becky says:

    The first weeks after Thanksgiving, my husband’s work schedule was solidly insane, which meant I was (mostly) home alone with our gal. Not that big of a deal really, that’s how it goes around here, only she was solidly 13 those weeks (coincidence? I think not). He finally had a break in his schedule and I announced I was taking the afternoon off to go shopping, an hour away. Didn’t I want to wait until she got home from school and could join me? No, I did not. I wanted, no, needed to be alone, and not around any of them for the afternoon. It was glorious and while I didn’t see any mossy rocks, I did get to watch the clouds and fog roll off the Blue Ridge, which is always healing.
    Here’s to photographing more mossy rocks in 2016.

  2. Dogwood Girl says:

    Thanks, Becky. Glad you got a break.

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