My Grandma’s Everyday Dishes

Were “Desert Rose” by Franciscan. I’m packing it up right now and it is making me a little sad, thinking of all the big Sunday dinners I ate off them, with tomatoes out of Pop’s garden, and the pear preserves and plum jelly they made, and the peaches we would pick together. Actually, picking peaches sucks, but after all these years it has somehow become a good memory.

I’m glad Mom is keeping the Desert Rose, so that Rollie and Tiller can associate their own memories of their Grandma and Papaw with my Grandma’s dishes.

Desert Rose was very popular and I believe they still make it. Do you remember your Grandma’s dishes? What were they?


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  1. My grandmother’s dishes are still being used at the Western Sizzlin’

  2. Nikki says:

    Those are beautiful dishes. I have my grandmother’s dishes – they aren’t nearly as pretty as those, but I am happy to have them. I like old things, especially when they belonged to a family member. Unfortunately, my grandma’s dishes are boxed up in my basement. We just don’t have room for them, but I have a dream that at some point we’ll have a really pretty hutch where I can keep them. Maybe I should pull them out and look at them.

  3. Dogwood Girl says:

    Will look forward to seeing them, Nikki. What do they look like?

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