Nobody Even Knocked Over the Baby Jesus

Tiller’s Christmas program was this morning at St. Bede’s. I, of course, ran completely late and didn’t get to drink any coffee before, during, or after the program. So, one part of me was all sad that it was Tiller’s last “little girl” Christmas program, and the other half was just holding on to a thread of sanity until I could find a coffee.

First of all, the 4s class came out and did some songs. (Jingle Bells and some other stuff.) Very cute. Unfortunately, by the time they are this age, they don’t really do anything wild, like start talking to their mom during the program, or start wailing when they see all the people stare at them, or accidentally knock the baby Jesus out of the cradle.

And let’s be honest: That is what we show up for.

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2 Responses to “Nobody Even Knocked Over the Baby Jesus”

  1. You are so right, that is what we show up for. Great pictures, and yes, mine are the same age as Tiller, they were 5 in October. Goes by too fast!

  2. Dogwood Girl says:

    That’s right! It really does go by too fast. . .

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