Off to See What the Wizard Hath Wrought

The Wizard will be messing around behind the curtain here at Dogwood Girl, and frankly, i am not all that sure that the wizard knows what she is doing. Whatever happens, whatever goes wrong, we will most assuredly be blaming it on the Wizard. For all I know, everything here could go poof, or disappear like a rabbit in a magic hat. It is the Wizard’s fault. Your coffee got cold? Blame it on the Wizard! Dog pooped on the carpet? Blame it on the Wizard! Can’t find that awesomely funny photo of you and Dogwood Girl making boobs from balloons in middle school/with big hair in highschool/with Dogwood Girl at prom/passed out on spring break/passed out in college/drunk at my wedding? Blame the Wizard! Girlfriend broke up with you? That is so not the Wizard’s fault; You are being a jerk. Now, go apologize. Groveling is good.

In the meantime, you can get lots of nifty updates about every little not-so-interesting thing we are up to here at Dogwood House.

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Wish me lots of brains, heart, and courage. Maybe some luck, too.


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