Road Trip! Again.

We are off to Savannah, hometown of my Daddy and his peeps, for a wedding. I am really excited, as it is one of my favorite places in the world. Kids are being dropped off about an hour down the road (don’t worry – we are leaving them with my parents, not just putting them out on the side of the road, although that is sometimes tempting) and then I get a much-needed weekend of relaxation with my husband.

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  • firefly cafe. that’s what it the name is now.
    I hope yall enjoyed it.
    (what would I do without allison to remember things for me?)

  • Jason – never clown, ever, ever again. Ever.

    Jasonaut – It is so funny. After i talked to you, went to the place, and it was PACKED, so we went down the street to J. Christopher’s, where the wait wasn’t so long. But we had driven by Firefly cafe the night before on the wedding and thought “that looks like a good place!” Anyway, we will check it out next time. Thanks again!

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