Rollie’s First Snow

Only in Atlanta would a child’s first snow be faux. Todd, Tiller, Rollie and I headed over to the Atlantic Station California Pizza Kitchen last night for dinner, then headed out to see their huge Christmas tree and the 7 P.M. snow machine display. I really thought it would hokey, and it was, but also a little contagious. At first, Rollie didn’t like it very much and was maybe even a little scared, but I picked him up and we practiced catching snow on our tongues and shook it out of our hair, chanting “Snow head! Snow head!” at one another.

It was pretty fun to run around, chasing him around the tree in the snow. Tiller just looked sleepy. I had a coughing fit afterwards that gave me a headache.

Here’s to my cough going away soon, and to having a real snow this year.

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  1. Steph Bachman says:

    Pretty cool idea to bring in fake snow. Marketing genius!

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