Testing, Testing. 1, 2, 3.

Mic check.

First of all, a little background: See that little Subscribe text up there to the right? That’s how you subscribe to my website, so that my posts automatically show up in your mailbox or aggregator, depending on what you use. Click on that, and you don’t have to go into your bookmarks to check my blog, and you don’t have to type in the URL. You can read all your favorite blogs and websites (those publishing feeds, anyway) in one nifty place. I use Google Reader. (Mom, i will just call you later.)

With that out of the way, my problem: It would be ultra awesome if you read my blog if you let me know how you access it. If you read it through a feed aggregator (like Google Reader, via RSS) please let me know if you have had any problems with it.

I have a place where Dogwood Girl’s RSS feed shows up as invalid, even though I have validated it. It works fine in Google Reader. Works fine in my mail. Works fine for Todd through Mail. Did not work in Simplaris Blogcast, which I use to post my blog to my Facebook page. (I work around that using the Feedburner feed.)

Would be great to hear if anyone is able to easily add the feed to their aggregator, and if not, let me know where you are trying to add the feed. Seems some people find my feed valid and others don’t.

Comments would be awesome and much appreciated.

I am baffled. And on cold medicine. And grumpy. Probably need more cold medicine.

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4 Responses to “Testing, Testing. 1, 2, 3.”

  1. Lyle says:

    Subscribed using Google Reader, and yes, it works fine for me.

  2. Harris says:

    Google Reader, works like a champ.

  3. lori cobbs says:

    i get it on igoogle … not the reader page though. i have it tacked on my web page.

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