The Lake

Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl.

Last weekend, we were supposed to go down to the lake with the Creekers, but lives and families and jobs got in the way, and Evan and I were the only ones who could go. So, we had a lovely weekend with him and his fiance (whom I like despite the fact that she is a Gator) and some non-creekers, Mike and Kim.

We drank a good amount of beer, played some Scrabble, did a lot of swimming, and ate pretty damn well. OOoooh, and we made homemade ice cream, which was just plain bitchin’. Had forgotten how good (and bad, very very bad) it is.

Anyway, this is my fave, because I just don’t have many pics of us Creekers together growing up (no digital cameras at that time, which come to think of it, is probably a VERY good thing). There were some other good ones, too, like everyone watching a molting dragonfly at sunset, or Evan and the P-Man on the inner tube.

Lake=Good. Lake with Friends= Better.


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