The Only True Currency

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world… is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”
– Lester Bangs

Damn. Should have named Dogwood Girl “”

Kids and husband left around 3:30. I fucked around with my dying motherfucking DVR and cable for thirty minutes or so. Turned music up really loud. Removed all vestiges of life with children from my view. Then I put on mascara and switched my stuff from rather large Old Navy backpack Sharpied with “Rollie” and “Tiller” on the straps to my petite Kenneth Cole purse. (Note to Mike: This reminded me of a pair of jeans I had that you wrote on with a Sharpie, and also the Army hat you had in high school/college, again with writing on it, that I always tried to steal. Remember what they said? I cannot for the life of me.)

Went to Kroger. Bought two bottles of wine and one Martha Stewart spring gardening magazine. I want to plant stuff and watch it grow, for the second spring in a row, but with the house on the market, it is just container gardening all the way. Went to Outback. Ate petite filet, baked potato, and salad with blue cheese, along with rye bread, and a glass of cabernet. Crikey. Read Martha Stewart magazine and lingered over meal by myself.

Drove home. Came inside. Loved on dog. Went upstairs to put on PJs. Came downstairs. Bestowed treats on pets. Poured glass of wine. Sat on floor and pulled out DVD baskets to decide what to watch. Really wanted to watch American Idol. (The Shame!!!!) Decided on either: St. Elmo’s Fire. Say Anything. Some Kind of Wonderful. Almost Famous.

Almost Famous won out.

Almost Famous is one of those movies that I never really get tired of. Todd makes fun of me, but I love Cameron Crowe. Can’t help it. He is sentimental in all the right ways, and few of the wrong ones. Even Elizabethtown was bearable. Not perfectly executed, (Brit as an American? Fucking KIRSTEN of wet t-shirt Spidey action DUNST ??? Please.) but perfectly well-meant.

I got nothing much else. Kinda drunk. Listening to music and blogging. Totally uncool.

Think that’s bad? Tomorrow night I am having dinner with my parents and wouldn’t be upset if they wanted to spend the night and play some cards. Because that is what the uncool, non-DVR-capable, Amish-like do on a Saturday.


  3 comments for “The Only True Currency

  1. Mike Maier
    March 5, 2007 at 5:42 am

    “Beautiful people got no spine. Their art never lasts” (also Lester Bangs). I have not seen Elizabethtown… but I have loved Cameron Crowe since Singles– one of the most quotable movies of all time. I am always surprised when I remember he did Jerry Maguire, too. And his wife kicks ass- Anne Wilson from Heart. That is serious ’80s cred. Mike says he cannot remember the words on his hat…

  2. Mike Maier
    March 5, 2007 at 11:56 am

    I have seen that movie probably 20 times since I met Katharine. ‘Tiny Dancer’ still makes me cry every time…
    I remember drawing on stuff with a black sharpie but no details of what was on the hat or pants- maybe it was Jane’s Addiction lyrics; regardless I’m sure it was EXTREMELY clever.
    It is odd when you are released from the major responsibility of child rearing for an extended time. Not that I can’t enjoy myself- it just makes you realise you have been permanently re-wired.

  3. Dogwood Girl
    March 5, 2007 at 12:48 pm

    Mike – you put it PERFECTLY. “You have been rewired,” That is it. Kat, if you like CC, you might like Elizabethtown okay. I liked Jerry Maguire, too. I think I may have liked 80s heart, too. Might have seen them at six flags. egads.

    Mike, I really get teary whenever I hear Tiny Dancer, too. I always kind of liked it, but it is amazing how a single scene in a movie can totally change the way you hear a song. I almost know for sure there was some Jane’s on the hat. I am thinking now that maybe Charlie wrote on my jeans. You wrote on the hat (yours and also one of mine). You also did this whole Brave New World quote when you wrote in my yearbook senior year. If only i had a scanner. . . .

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