Trivia Answers, Dec. 4th, 2007

Round 1

  1. Lucas: What in the ’97 special edition Star Wars movie created an uproar among SW traditionalists? It was in the Greedo/Han confrontation scene. Greedo shoots first.
  2. Bands: What band was started in 1983 at Univ. of VT by Trey Anastazio, Jeff Hollworth, Mike Fishman, and somebody Goldberg? Phish.
  3. Cartoons: Where do BooBoo Bear and Yogi Bear live? Jellystone
  4. Griswolds: Where is Clark taking the family in the first Vacation? WallyWorld
  5. Authors: What Suspense novelist, best known for fiction, wrote the non-fiction best-sellers “Skipping Christmas” and “Playing for Pizza?” John Grisham.

Bonus – Muppets: What are the names of the two muppets who sit in the balcony on the Muppet Show? Statler and Waldorf

Round 2

  1. Movies: What is the name of Adam Sandler’s production company, which produced movies such as Little Nicky, Deuce bigelow, and 50 First Dates? Happy Madison
  2. Guitar Gods: What guitarist played with The Whore, Quiet Riot, and Ozzy before dying in a plane crash in 1982? Randy Rhoades.
  3. Children’s Authors: Who wrote the Curious George series? H.A. Ray
  4. EAV: What historically took place on Tuesdays around 9:30ish at The Gravity? Bingo Trivia
  5. I’ve Got a Shotgun: What vehicle is responsible for our term “Shotgun!” The Stagecoach

Bonus – Cheers: Name the 3 male Bartenders on Cheers. Sam, Woody, and Coach

Round 3

  1. Judge Judy – What is her full name? Judy Steindlen
  2. Poetry: What is the term for a word that is spelled like it sounds? Onomonopaeia
  3. The Soup: Who is the current host of The Soup? Joel (can’t remember the last name)
  4. Big Words for Small things: What is [I am guessing at the full question and spelling, but it is something along the lines of] “Heterogeneous hydroscopic, antisytropic lignin holding together celluloses and semicelluloses?” Wood
  5. Howard Stern Regulars: 4′ 1″ tall Henry Joseph Mastiff, Jr., of the WacPack, is also known by what nickname? Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf

Bonus – A Clockwork Orange: Name the 4 Youths responsible for The Ultraviolence. Alex, Dim, Georgia, and Pete.

Round 4

  1. Smoking: According to advertising, how far would you walk for a Camel? A Mile
  2. Hockey: Name the last winner of the Stanley Cup. Anaheim Ducks
  3. Blues Bros: What actress played the ex-fiance of Joliet Jakes (sp?) Carrie Fisher
  4. The Clermont: Who at the Clermont is famous for crushing beer cans with her breasts? Blondie
  5. Simpsons: Who is the voice of Homer’s 1/2 brother, Herb Powell? Danny Devito

Bonus – Name the five members of The Breakfast Club. (Characters’ names.) Claire Standish, John Bender, Andrew Clark, Brian Johnson, Allison Reynolds.

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