Try Not to Suck

So, on a personal note, and I am not speaking on behalf of any particular organization, but I do a lot of volunteering, and i have a full time job, and I worked almost the whole past weekend volunteering for my kids’ school. Like, I stayed home and revamped a website while my family went to Six Flags. You can tell me that I should learn to say no. But things don’t get done if everyone says no. You would have been posting on facebook all next week how “no one was prepared” and “they were understaffed” and “why don’t they have forms for this? Or better yet, why isn’t it all automated?” And “i can’t find x on the website.”

The people who do all this crap are not doing it for their health. They are doing it for your kids. The least you could do is take a couple of hours off work and help out.

Just sign up for a spot if you haven’t already. And next time, sign up the first time that they send out the request. Stop waiting til the last minute. Mostly, try not to suck.

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