Tucker Day

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So, it has been over a week since we attended the Tucker Day parade. Todd ran the 5k, and I took the kids to the pancake breakfast benefiting the Tucker High school. (We ate in the cafeteria, which was strange.)

Afterwards, we walked over to Main St. to view the parade. The thing that I loved most about the parade was how small-town it seemed; It reminded me so much of the Alpharetta parade i used to attend (and even participated in as a kid), back when Alpharetta was country and southern, down to the tractors in the parade.

Now, the funny thing about the tractors is that when they started coming towards us, I laughed out loud at the joy in seeing them. So old-school! So reminded me of childhood! But Todd? He was watching the parade in a different location with friends of ours, one of whom is Dutch. He didn’t get the tractor thing at all. And how can you possibly explain to outsiders why they are riding tractors in the parade? It’s just how it is done.


And above, my favorite pictures of my cousins and sister, sitting on Main Street in Alpharetta, c. 1978, drinking cokes on the hood of mom’s wagon, waiting for me to appear in this bitching ensemble:

mom and mePruitt

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5 Responses to “Tucker Day”

  1. leelee says:

    Adam – I can’t believe Connie made you wear that. Nice sandals with socks too. And I wonder how many cokes our moms let us chug when we were little!

    Lisa Pizza

  2. Dogwood Girl says:

    Holy crap, that lisa pizza just made me laugh.

  3. Camille says:

    OMG-I LOVE those pictures. Totally cool to see young pics of Graham and Adam, since I’ve only known them from the teen years. I love how kids look so much like their adult selves. Love that tutu, too.

  4. Jason says:

    when was this pic of you and the tutu taken versus the posed tutu pic that hung in your parents house?

  5. Dogwood Girl says:

    Same year. Prob. 1978 or so. I figure i was five or six. Before moving to Rochester.

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