Decemberists Overkill

So, a friend of a friend went to The Decemberists show that I raved about a week or so ago. She drove to Atlanta from Columbia to see them, then went and saw them the next night in Raleigh. Her pictures are much better and she even got a little video.

I also found some video of some of my favorite parts of the show:

A little of “The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid”:

“The Rake’s Song:”

“The Queen’s Rebuke/Crossing:”

Cover of Heart’s “Crazy on You.”

And I know I said it in that post, but i will say it again: Becky fucking kicked some serious ass that night.

And one for good measure:

Bandit Queen, the song I wished they had played in Atlanta. They played it a week ago in Pennsylvania. Fuckers.


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