37 wks and Counting!

I’m 37 weeks. i cannot believe it. This pg has gone so much faster than the first one did. i guess having a toddler to keep me company has done that. I don’t think it really sank in until i started thinking last night, “I could go into labor now and it would be okay.” I definitely feel differently than I did last time – more creaky, more pelvic shooting pains and pressure, more poops (I think baby is pretending my colon is the gas pedal of her personal car.) Did I mention acid reflux/indegestion? constant peeing? Tired feet? And now I feel ravenous, eat two bites, and then i’m full. And hungry an hour later. I feel like a mouse foraging for crumbs in the pantry.

rollie is wearing me out, on the go constantly, and definitely showing his 2 yr old independence: “Let’s lay down and change your diaper,” I say. “NOOOOOO,” he says, laughing and running off. I am already on the floor, and have to haul my whale of a body up and chase him down almost every time.

I think I am ready for his little sister to get here: The nursery is done, bags are packed, carseat is installed, Rollie caretakers are lined up for when I go into labor. Now all i need is to go into labor.

So, this time, I just plan to have an activity for every day – nothing too big (morning trips to the zoo or the park), I bought four books at the bookstore this past weekend, I can submerge myself into football and end of baseball seasons, and I even pulled out all my scrapbook stuff (I’m not even going to say how far behind I am with Rollie’s scrapbook). But i am still going to go crazy. I know it, even though I said i wouldn’t get my hopes up about going early, or even on time.


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