I Swear

I will be in this moment. I will trudge on, minute by minute. Hour by hour. I will yearn, suppress, and hold in my hand. Put aside with care. I will forgive. I will look for goodness. I will try to be a better me. I will try to be better for them all. I will try to be better… Read more →


Looking Forward

I have been languishing, standing still in one place for months, feeling trapped in the stagnancy of real life, missing my favorite place in the world – and it’s knowledge of constantly possible escape – more than I ever imagined I would, and suffering an almost painful wanderlust. Tonight I booked a flight, and the realization that I have five… Read more →


And So We’re Told This is the Golden Age

I often have grand ideas about end of year posts, New Year’s posts, the marking of the passage of time, and what it all means. This isn’t one of those posts. I stayed up until 3 am with friends. I slept late in a bed fit for a queen. I awakened to coffee and bacon, and no hangover. I visited… Read more →