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Even 20 Years Later

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Yeah, long week. And yeah, that was me walking up the street in flip flops, my shorts, pj top, no bra, carrying a bottle of wine i mooched off my awesome neighbors because I went to the store to get wine, came home with US weekly, bad red box movies, and ice cream, but forgot the wine. Watched HORRIBLE movie with my sis, and I guess it was the borrowed wine, because it tugged at all sorts of sad, cliched heartstrings that I guess I could blog about but it would just be sad, and cliched, and also, I’m just not ready to talk about it, even 20 years later.

Dang. And I have to leave at 7:05 pm for kids’ county swim meet. That should be fun.

Wait. It’s 10:45 pm on a Friday. 20 years ago I would have gone OUT at 10:45 pm.

Oh, the irony.

Here. Have a Sevin with your beer.

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

This photo pretty much sums up my childhood. Dad keeps the Sevin dust (for his tomatoes) on top of the guest mini-fridge in the basement. “Here, have a beer and sprinkle this around.” Then you paint some stuff for him. “Oh, yeah, that’s oil-based. Let me pour some gasoline on ya. Here’s this dirty old rag. Rub the gas until your skin is burning and bleeding and then it’ll come off.” “Oh. I cut your finger with the saw? Okay, stop crying. Lets finish sawing this board and then we’ll go inside and out some methiolate on it.

Okay. That last one was Pop.

This is mostly for leelee’s benefit. Because sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that we came by the crazy honestly.