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Top Five Christmas Songs. Maybe.

I have had multiple conversations the last few days about favorite Christmas songs. I generally am not a fan of Christmas music. I think it would be okay if we stuck to a week or so of holiday music, but the fact that we start having it shoved down our throat in public at Thanksgiving just ruins it. It makes me crazy. And… Read more →


Uneek Vampire Name Game

BabyNameWizard picked their annual Name of the Year for 2009: Renesmee. HATE it. (It’s a Twilight thing, in case you are completely dead.) Renesmee is the (spoiler alert, in case you are dead) child of the two main characters in Twilight and is named after her two grandmothers, Renee and Esme. Her middle name is Carlie after her two Grandfathers,… Read more →