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Uneek Vampire Name Game

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

BabyNameWizard picked their annual Name of the Year for 2009: Renesmee.

HATE it. (It’s a Twilight thing, in case you are completely dead.)

Renesmee is the (spoiler alert, in case you are dead) child of the two main characters in Twilight and is named after her two grandmothers, Renee and Esme. Her middle name is Carlie after her two Grandfathers, Carlisle and Charlie. Their sister site, Name Candy, discusses it here. And poses the question, how would you combine your grandparents’ names, or parents’ names, to come up with a baby name?

My grandmothers: Evelyn and Vivian. Vivelyn. Evelian. (NOT Evian!)
My grandfathers: Walter and Charles. Warles. Wharles. Charlter. Chalter. Wharlie. Warlie. Chalt.
Todd’s grandmothers: Nell and Ruth. Nuth. Rell. (Rad!)
Todd’s grandfathers: Roland and Allen. Rollen. Alland. Rolallen. Allenand.

Moms: Peggy and Virginia. Pirginia. Pegginia. Virgy. Virginy.
Our fathers: Lavaughn and Cecil. (Oh, god!) Lacil. Lavacil. (Obviously, a remedy for “down there” problems.) Cevaughn. Cecaughn.

I give up. What’d you come up with?

I really want to know! I want to know your grandparents’ names and your parents’ names and what you come up with. Except Lisa. I am doing this. You can come up with a competing list if you so choose.

Drunco is Good For the Soul

Friday, April 24th, 2009

So, one of my favorite things about my new neighborhood is the Bunco (Drunco) group. About a month after I moved in, my neighbor Lauren invited me to sub for her Bunco group. I had heard about Bunco, but never played. I thought it was some stupid game that suburban moms play, a kind of modern-day Bridge club.

And it is. And now I know that my mom was having a damn good time at Bridge club!

It is a blast. You put in your ten bucks. You play a dice game as mindless as Three Man, during which you discuss how much you hate your kids’ teacher, how weird that one family down the street is, the naked guy who was hanging out in the local park, and a number of other subjects not appropriate for public consumption. They feed you appetizers and all the beer and wine you can drink. At the end, the winner is a winner and the loser is a winner, too! You stumble back down the block to your house. You are back in your bed by midnight on a school night. (At least, if you want to be. There were still a good number of folks hanging out when i left at Midnight!) Last night, we even all wore our PJs!

Most of all, you get to talk to an awesome and very diverse group of women, all of whom remind you that we are all just winging it, some seemingly more together than others, but winging it just the same. You realize that you are not alone in doing the hardest job in the world.

Added plus? One of my neighbors is the brother of my childhood friend, Leigh. His wife was hostessing, so Leigh was there, and I got to hang out with her, without kids, for the first time in. . . I cannot remember the last time I saw her without kids around. In PJs, no less.

Why, Oh Why?

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Did I ever click on this link? I mean, Scrabulous is fun, but now I am completely addicted to the Tetris of the word world. (Don’t tell T. He just thinks I have a slight problem, not that I’m a full-blown, cracked-out Babble whore.)

I don’t have time for this, but when did that ever stop me? (Reference: Myst during finals week debacle or Indiana Jones “This is Crab Central”/”Sophia, let’s talk brick wall” that took a week to figure out.) Thank God I don’t smoke any more, or I’d be huddled over the laptop, puffing away, playing Babble in a corner of the basement while the kids destroyed the house and it fell in on me, oblivious to everything but shrinking the number of words left.

Word nerds: Follow that link at your own peril.