Uneek Vampire Name Game

BabyNameWizard picked their annual Name of the Year for 2009: Renesmee.

HATE it. (It’s a Twilight thing, in case you are completely dead.)

Renesmee is the (spoiler alert, in case you are dead) child of the two main characters in Twilight and is named after her two grandmothers, Renee and Esme. Her middle name is Carlie after her two Grandfathers, Carlisle and Charlie. Their sister site, Name Candy, discusses it here. And poses the question, how would you combine your grandparents’ names, or parents’ names, to come up with a baby name?

My grandmothers: Evelyn and Vivian. Vivelyn. Evelian. (NOT Evian!)
My grandfathers: Walter and Charles. Warles. Wharles. Charlter. Chalter. Wharlie. Warlie. Chalt.
Todd’s grandmothers: Nell and Ruth. Nuth. Rell. (Rad!)
Todd’s grandfathers: Roland and Allen. Rollen. Alland. Rolallen. Allenand.

Moms: Peggy and Virginia. Pirginia. Pegginia. Virgy. Virginy.
Our fathers: Lavaughn and Cecil. (Oh, god!) Lacil. Lavacil. (Obviously, a remedy for “down there” problems.) Cevaughn. Cecaughn.

I give up. What’d you come up with?

I really want to know! I want to know your grandparents’ names and your parents’ names and what you come up with. Except Lisa. I am doing this. You can come up with a competing list if you so choose.

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  • Well…. Sam’s mom, Sydalisse, my mom Elaina, so:
    Sylaina, Edalysse, Sydalaina, Elaidalysse… that’s a mouthfull!
    Sam’s Dad: Charles, my dad: Sergey… Chargey, Serley
    Elaidalysse Surley Crawford…. Hm. She’d be a total bitch. Well, mute point, anyways, no girls here…

  • My grandmothers are Gladys and Helen — how bout Gladen! :)

    My grandfathers are Sammy and Conner — how bout Sammer or Conny

    Thanks for brightening my day. :)

  • I was laughing out loud reading your post! I hate Renesmee too. As for my combos:
    Bob & Connie – Cob (my favorite), Bonnie, Cobbie (ooh, maybe that’s my favorite), Bobbie (huh, a couple of those are actually normal sounding)
    Bob & Pat – Bat, Pob, Pab (this is either the name of a beer or a vaginal procedure)

  • First of all, Anne, ya’ll have some really Southern names in your families! Awesome.

    My grandmothers: Marisa and Rosa. Marosa.
    My grandfathers: Romeo and Gino (actually, his full name was Gervasio, but yikes that would be super-hard). Romino. Ginomeo…
    John’s grandmothers: Alice and Charlotte. Alotte. Charlice.
    John’s grandfathers: Lyle and Irving. Lyrving. Irvyle.

    Our mothers: Mirella and Janine. Minine. Janella.
    Our fathers: Enrico and Robert. Enbert. Robico.

    My family’s Italian names complicate things a bit…

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