Our August Los Angeles Trip

I was freezing. Kids didn't seem to mind.

Just wanted to take a second to mention the wonderful trip we had in August to LA. I kept on thinking i would write a big post about it, but i will never have time, so Mom! Here are a bunch of photos! Todd spends a lot of time in LA. At Five Star Hotels […]

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Blue Ridge, 2013

Morning mist over Blue Ridge.

Not a whole lot to say about the trip to Blue Ridge. It’s the third year in a row that I’ve been (thanks, Robin!) and I always laugh a lot, and sometimes there is crying, but the good kind, and well, there’s a lot of vodka. We go through a good bit of firewood, and […]

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I See the Future

Rollie. 4th Grade. Wow.

No matter how many times I look at this, it fails to become less funny. And this is a little freaky. . . Afraid this is just a taste of the awkward middle school years. Uh, yeah. . . We’ll be doing a retake.

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Riding the Roller Coaster with Steve Martin

First of all, 15 hour days completely suck ass. Especially when you are completely worn out, fighting a cold that won’t die, and with the specter of strep throat haunting your future. The last thing you want to do? Go to an elementary school talent show. You’d rather have that torture guy from Game of Thrones cut off a pinkie finger or two.

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Never Forget: What is your 9/11 Story?

I sit here every year, read a few news articles about folks who lost their lives, families whose loved ones never came home that day, and heroes who saved others, but lost their own lives. I never quite know what to say. It is a sadness that will never go away, and as someone I […]

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The Boy Who Smashed My Snow Globe

At about 5:20, nine years ago today, this little guy came into my life. He totally picked it up like it was a snow globe, turned it around, shook it up. Really, i think the globe just busted wide open, and shattered into a million pieces, catching the summer afternoon light as they skittered across […]

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This past Saturday was a year since I lost Quint. Luckily, I was at the beach, I shed a little tear and moved on. But i have been thinking a ton about him this week. I love Brody, but they are not the same dog. Quint was smart and funny, and the biggest waggie butt […]

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This morning, I miraculously got the kids up and ready for school today with time to spare. I sat sipping my coffee on the couch until time to get the kids in the car, with Tiller, Rollie, and Brody (the dog) all sitting beside me. I checked my email while the kids read Rollie’s Encyclopedia […]

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