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This Kid’s Got Heart

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Lots of heart.

She just came up to me with this and said, “I made this for you, mama.”

Aw, HELLs Yeah!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Just received this in an email from what I thought was my children’s deadbeat Dad, on the lam in NYC.

Subject: Uh Oh
Message: Whaaaaat’s This????


Pretty. Shiny.

I guess maybe he really was working. . . or else he was very. very. bad.

To the Best Boy a Girl Ever Met In a Bar

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

We met at the Fountainhead. Later, you told me you remembered me being blond! The Fountainhead isn’t there anymore. We met for drinks the next week at The Stein Club. Gone. That Indian place in Midtown where we met Katie and Judy for dinner? Gone. Three pets, three houses, two kids later, and we’re still together. You still snore just as loud as the first time I heard it. I am still the Goat Man. But we’re still together, eleven years later.

And I wouldn’t change one day of the last eleven years; They have been the best years of my life. You have made my life richer in hundreds of ways. You are my life partner, one half of our united parental front (it’s us against them!), my most trusted confidant, my favorite cruise director, my chosen partner-in-crime, my most loyal supporter, and the first person to tell me honestly when I am wrong. (That doesn’t happen often, of course.) You are my best friend.

You are my steadying hand, my staying hand, my pushing hand, my lifting hand. I hope that I give to you what you give to me. You make me better at everything I do. You have taught me about selflessness. I hope that everyone I love will someday feel this this with another person.

Happy Anniversary to the best boy a girl ever met in a bar.

And in honor of this day, I put a little set of photos of the two of us together on Flickr.


p.s. Thanks for letting me back it up and tuck my toes in when my butt and feet are cold.

She Cracks Me Up

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Tiller: “Can we eat out?”
Me: “No. But we will probably eat out tomorrow before Rollie’s game.”
Tiller: “Can we have S&S?”
Me: “Well, i guess so. I was thinking Jason’s Deli, but we could do S&S instead.”
Tiller: “Okay, well, let’s agree.” [Her head nodding affirmatively, palms face up, and out to the side.]
Me: “Good idea.”

Race Photos

Monday, April 26th, 2010

How cute are they?

Watch Out, Ellijay!

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Lasagna for fifteen! Check! Wine. Check! Case beer. Check! Bathing suit for hottub. Check! Rod & reel. Check! Ready for the mountains!

Busy as Hell Bee

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

We have been spending a lot of time at the baseball fields this spring. Rollie has a game and two practices a week. And then there is tiller’s Tiny Tykes practice every Sunday. And Todd’s new job with BBDO. (Speaking of, have you seen Todd’s previous work? He has a site.)

So, what we have been doing:

Tiller rides her Razor at the park, with her buddy Drake, while Rollie plays t-ball.
Helmet. See?

This is Tills and Drake, playing on the bleachers. Remember playing on the bleachers? Much more fun than being a parent keeping kids OFF the bleachers.
Tills and Drake

This is Rollie, with Zachary (if you call him Zach, this kid will actually tell you that his name is not Zach, it’s Zachary.) His dad’s a lawyer, and I didn’t ask for permission to post his picture on the site, because I like to live life on the edge. Zachary got whacked in the eye with a bat last week, but he is okay. His dad, who did the accidentally whacking, is probably now in therapy. That’s Kevin in the middle. He is small, but a strong hitter and i love how his batting helmet kind of wears him. I am also looking forward to meeting his new twin sisters. We’ve been driving Kev to practice a lot while his mom was on bedrest. He’s a cook kid. (His dad is a chef.) He is also a cool kid.

Zachary, Kev, and Rolls

We’ve been working on Rollie’s follow-through. We pitch to him in the backyard with the whiffle ball and bat and his follow through is fine, but when he hits off the tee, he seems to be concentrating so hard on hitting the ball off the tee that he is not following through. This one was pretty good, though.

Todd dressed up as Teen Wolf.
Dicknose and MJFox

Iain was a ZZ Top guy.

And T was Rick James, Bitch.

Candy channeled Pat B.

Even Richard Simmons was there.

Can’t remember this guy’s name, but he whips it good.

Matt did the Spicolli thing.

At Shannon and Matt’s wedding shower.

We went to Hilton Head and frolicked in the very cold water.

Had an Easter egg hunt at the Salty Dog Cafe . . .

And I dragged the family to the cemetery in Savannah to visit Pop’s grave.
Pop Marker

See how happy they look? That Tiller, one thing you can say about her, she sure does like to get dragged around to visit dead folks at cemeteries. Rollie? Oh, hissing under my breath that I will pop him if he doesn’t smile for the camera.
Me and kids

But it was a beautiful day for a visit to the Cemetery, and it seemed appropriate to visit on Easter. My grandmother, her brother and sister, and my great-grandparents are all buried there also.


Dash came to visit and we spent a ton of time in the yard. Tiller played ball.
tiller ball

Rollie ran around looking like a Cecil Jr. with no shirt and wrecking his toy in the backyard.

And finally, Rollie saw a bee and freaked out.

The bee did not sting him. No bees were harmed in the photographing of this boring post.

Why Fathers Should Not Take Sons to the Barber Shop

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Dear CNN

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Dear CNN, please rethink your use of the term, “Breaking News.” If a man with a foreboding voice comes on my TV saying “Breaking News,” I damn well better see blood, guts, death, destruction. Not that Lexus is no longer making a particular type of car. Are you kidding me? Breaking news? Shouldn’t breaking news be reserved for public safety issues?


And while we’re at it, i don’t want you to hawk crappy music to me during bumper music. I don’t give a shit what your a.m. playlist is. . .

You are becoming a joke.

Last Morning

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Dash has been with us since Sunday. I’m gonna miss the little guy!