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Akumal & Tulum

Todd took me to Akumal for our tenth anniversary. It was great, except that I got really sick (sinus infection) and had to go to the doctor. So, i spent more time dealing with Doctor crap than enjoying myself (all of my first day, then almost two hours the second day, and a quick visit on our last day there), but it was still great. Beautiful place. Read more →


To the Best Boy a Girl Ever Met In a Bar

We met at the Fountainhead. Later, you told me you remembered me being blond! The Fountainhead isn’t there anymore. We met for drinks the next week at The Stein Club. Gone. That Indian place in Midtown where we met Katie and Judy for dinner? Gone. Three pets, three houses, two kids later, and we’re still together. You still snore just… Read more →

Mark and Lisa

Mark and LisaOriginally uploaded by AnnieATL. Congratulations to my sister and . . .ahem. . my brother-in-law, Lisa and Mark, on their one year anniversary. I can’t believe y’all have been married for a year! Love,Annie p.s. Sorry Rollie was such a shit last night. If you have a baby soon, you can repay me. Read more →