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Real-Life Vocab Examples

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Thanks, Tills.


It Takes a (Yurt) Village

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Oh, hello blog! Long time, no see.

So, I have failed completely at updating my blog on a regular basis. But i just can’t let the old girl go – she has brought me so much joy. What we’ve been up to: Life. I have a ten year old now.


He says stuff like, “BOOM!”, throws up gang signs, and wears black sports socks pulled up as far as he can. He doesn’t like to brush his hair, let me hug him unless he is sick, and he mutters, “whatever” under his breath occasionally.

Basically, he is me.

I went back to work. It is rewarding and hard. In a nutshell, now that I have done stay at home mom, Work at home mom, and Working out of the home mom, well, my conclusion is that Parenting is Fucking Hard. Oh yeah. I already knew that. Seriously, no one of those is any easier than the other – they are just different.

There’s other stuff, too, but i won’t bore you. Highlights, though, are the aforementioned tenth birthday, the fact that my husband has racked up a bunch of skymiles, we went to an awesome wedding in LA and I wore a sari. Oh, and we went yurting. (OMG. I think i have ADD. I came here to post the yurt photos.)

So, we were invited to go yurting with neighbors summer before last. Basically, you can go to Fort Yargo, in Winder, GA, and rent yurts for the weekend. There are six. They are all on a peninsula, and if you rent all six, then you have yourself a weekend yurt commune. IT IS AWESOME. There is GREAT mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, swimming, and kayaking. Highly recommend it.

So, we just finished up our second yurting trip with the group (a random, ragtag bunch if I ever saw one) and it was super fun.