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Best Husband Ever

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

I love my husband. He just gets me. Look what he found for two bucks!

Best Husband EVAH!

Best Husband EVAH!

My master plan is not coming t…

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

My master plan is not coming together quite as I had planned.

@InsidePerimeter My husband sa…

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

@InsidePerimeter My husband saw them in LA recently – thought they were boring.

Petulant, Bored Little Girl

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

The scene: Todd and I working on our computers in the family room. Rollie is sick and is sleeping upstairs for the afternoon. Tiller wanders around the den, obviously bored, shuffling her feet, sighing a lot. She sits next to the sleeping dog, Quint. He growls at her. She crawls over to Simon the cat, whose tail flicks in agitation, and who eyes her with a “Touch me, you little monster, and I will rearrange your face with my claws” look.

She gets up, and and goes over to a chair nearby. She sit in it. She hums. She sings a little song. She starts barking, a high pitched woof. Todd and i both shush her, as we are trying to work, and we don’t want her to wake Rollie.

“Quiet, Tiller. You will wake up your brother.”

It frightens me, sometimes, that she is such a mercurial girl.

She is a crash of lightning. She clenches both fists and pounds the seat cushion on either side of her legs. She thunders, “Well, I’m a dog! I am a dog!”

Todd and I ignore her, as we try to do whenever she pitches a fit.

She starts talking conversationally to herself, but squirming in the chair, as if her need and desire to be a dog is painful, as if she wants to tear her own skin off her body. “I want to be a dog. i am pretending to be a dog. I just want to be a dog.” More petulant now, “But maaaaammmaaaaaa! I. WANT. TO. BE. A. DOG!”

Todd and I still have her on ignore. We glance surreptitiously at one another over laptop screens, trying to conceal our laughter.

Tiller, resigned, mutters, “Well, I will just take off my socks. i will not put them back on.”

Sitting On the Edge Of My Future

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

I am pretty sure that Facebook is slowly eating my blog. . . .

However, here I am. I have been scanning more old photos, and came across a great set of pics from college.


They are mostly from my college graduation. Here is the whole set on Flickr.

A few things that initially struck me about these:
I hated my hair.
We all smoked too much.
I was a stick, but i remember thinking i was fat.
Who, and i mean WHO, let me wear that ugly blue striped dress?
Girls wore a lot of long floral dresses back then.

The day of graduation is really fuzzy to me. I think Scott and I met some guy at the guy’s apartment for pre-grad festivities, which may have involved mimosas. It was nice and sunny. I have lost a great picture of me, Scott, and Katie sitting in the stadium. I loved it, and I cannot find that one. We all look very “The Future’s so Bright, We gotta Wear Shades” and i have lost it.

Some of the pictures are from post-graduation, waiting in traffic with my mom, dad, and sister. We were parked right across from Stedman (?), right near the dorms where I lived as a Freshman. (Give it up for Church!) Again, we smoked too much (except for Lisa, who never did.) I love that mom and dad look more proud of me graduating than i look. Now that i have children of my own, i can understand this.

The other pictures are from a graduation party that night at Scott and Zach’s house. I like that many of the folks in these pictures are still really good friends of mine.

The party itself is all a blur, but i know my family was there, which is strange. Honey came into town just to go to my graduation party (she had already graduated) and I love her for stuff like that. Later in the night, there were a lot of people up on the roof. Zach was my boyfriend at the time, and I made out with a completely different guy on the roof. Classy, i know. I still feel sick admitting that, but i guess maybe there is a ten year statute of limitations on cheating-on-your-boyfriend-on-his-own-roof-while-he-is-home-and-throwing-a-party-for-you situations*.

And this is me the next day:
It is me, with Honey’s boyfriend at the time, Luka, in front of my house off Milledge. I loved those red-tinted glasses i am wearing. I still have those Doc Martens and still wear them sometimes. I loved that little house. I was v. hung over in that picture, and my whole future loomed in front of me. I remember everything at that time seeming bigger than life.

It was like sitting on that front stoop on the day I moved away from Athens was just like sitting on the edge of my future.

*Please don’t hate me.

Testing, Testing. 1, 2, 3.

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Mic check.

First of all, a little background: See that little Subscribe text up there to the right? That’s how you subscribe to my website, so that my posts automatically show up in your mailbox or aggregator, depending on what you use. Click on that, and you don’t have to go into your bookmarks to check my blog, and you don’t have to type in the URL. You can read all your favorite blogs and websites (those publishing feeds, anyway) in one nifty place. I use Google Reader. (Mom, i will just call you later.)

With that out of the way, my problem: It would be ultra awesome if you read my blog if you let me know how you access it. If you read it through a feed aggregator (like Google Reader, via RSS) please let me know if you have had any problems with it.

I have a place where Dogwood Girl’s RSS feed shows up as invalid, even though I have validated it. It works fine in Google Reader. Works fine in my mail. Works fine for Todd through Mail. Did not work in Simplaris Blogcast, which I use to post my blog to my Facebook page. (I work around that using the Feedburner feed.)

Would be great to hear if anyone is able to easily add the feed to their aggregator, and if not, let me know where you are trying to add the feed. Seems some people find my feed valid and others don’t.

Comments would be awesome and much appreciated.

I am baffled. And on cold medicine. And grumpy. Probably need more cold medicine.

For the Love of a Monkey Pie

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

So, Todd and I listen to a lot of music in the car, and after a while, the kids will pick out songs that they really like. Remember when you were a kid, and you had a “phonograph” (at least, that’s what my family called it) and you played things over and over? For me, it was this little red and white-striped box that held a record player inside. You could fold up the box and carry the thing around. It was in our playroom forever. Even before that, my parents had a record player. It was actually a record player and an Am/FM stereo in a HUGE cabinet. You raised the lid and the stereo was inside. Awesome. It was in the living room, and one of my earliest memories is listening to one of those K-Tel compilations that had Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” on it. Played it over and over and danced in the living room. Later, in the playroom, i would play some of my albums (Macho Duck and the Jungle Book. specifically), but more often than not, I would play my parents albums (and later 8-tracks). I really remember listening to The Every Brothers Greatest Hits, Buddy Holly,  and The Beach Boys a lot. On 8-track, Linda Rondstadt was a fave. Bay City Rollers. The Eagles’ Hotel California. Elvis, Elvis and more Elvis. My mom loved her some Elvis. She was even a fan club member back in the day. (Membership card here.)I remember hearing Suspicious Minds all the time! I remember the day Elvis died, too. I came inside – had been out playing, and mom was sitting in the den blaring Elvis’ Heartbreak Hotel, and sobbing with tissues in her hand. Yes, my first experience with death and grieving was Mom mourning Elvis.

Another vivid childhood memory was Saturday mornings. My dad would put on Otis Redding, or some Stax/Volt compilations and do housework. I can remember Dock of the Bay being on, and then the sound of the 60s vacuum coming on, and shrieking as I jumped up on the couch to avoid the vacuum getting me; Cecil did not watch out for toes. Other important childhood albums: Dylan’s self-titled “Bob Dylan” with my mom’s friends writing all over it: “Virgin” for my mother’s name, Virginia. A bunch of Beatles and Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, the aforementioned Stax stuff, and Peter, Paul, and Mary. Hank Williams. Hank Williams, Jr. (also my first concert), a ton of Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. Sure, there was some crap: Abba, for instance. But mostly it was great stuff.

Where am I going with this? Well, i think back fondly on a lot of that stuff that I heard growing up. Especially now that my kids are inundated by media, and constantly singing some Barney shit, or wanting us to buy them Diego albums or whatever. So, we still try to listen to our stuff and hope the kids like it. And most of the time, they do have favorites emerge. Every few months or so, we will make them a playlist and now both kids have their own CD player in their rooms. They will play for hours and listen to music and sing in their rooms. I think this is awesome, because then I can also play somewhere else in the house without being bothered by the little pests.

So, Todd made them a cd a few days ago. Some of the stuff they like includes The Cure, Dr. Dog, The Ramones (Tiller knows most of the words to “Blitzkrieg Bop,” which is just funny), and their current absolute favorite is The New Pornographers’ “Letter from an Occupant.” Tiller makes up her own words and her version included a lyric that instead of the “Letter from an Occupant” line, sounds something like “For the love of a Monkey Pie,” which let’s face it, probably makes as much if not more sense.

You are probably asking yourself, “Does she really let her kids listen to a band with the word ‘pornographer’ in their name?” Why, yes. Yes, she does. Because kids never ask the meaning of words, they just like to say them. Rollie gets it right, and Tiller insists on calling them the New Photographers, which makes me laugh, and pisses Rollie off, which is always funny. We gang up on him and call things by the wrong names and he throws tantrums and we laugh at him.

We don’t get out much.

Thanks, CNN

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

I had about ten minutes to check the news this morning. Some very important news-related items learned this morning:

1 clip from The Daily Show, making fun of the dire straits we are in according to Obama’s last speech. (For those who don’t understand, that is basically the news showing a clip of a man who makes his living spoofing the news.)

1 clip on how more Americans are going to bartending school in this economy.

1 squirrel drinking a Molson out of a can.

Thanks, CNN.

Almost As Good As World Peace

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

I think it was Tessa at Drive a Faster Car that first alerted me to The Atlanta Beer Guide. If you follow them on Twitter, they send out cool tweets, such as where the beer specials are that very day. Why did they not do this before I had kids?
Anyway, today they delivered just about the bestest news ever, other than maybe “World Peace Achieved.”

New Belgium will be distributing Fat Tire in North Carolina in March, and in Georgia in May.

[Happy Dogwood Girl Dance.]

Road trip to North Carolina in March? Who’s in?

Oh, and according to New Belgium’s distribution map, they are already in Tennessee. Why did I not know this? Mama might need a trip to Rock City this weekend.

Nephew Overload at Dogwood Girl

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

I know that I just posted a picture of Dash last week, but that was a situation where he had to share the spotlight with Emily the Terrible, and really, as his mother so aptly put it, “Dash is a complete publicity whore.”

Not another picture of Dogwood's Nephew!

Not another picture of Dogwood's Nephew!