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This makes me laugh, even though UGA lost.

So, my fellow Dawg Brant and I decided to take it to one thread for the cocktail party. In real time, it went something like this. (Copied text from Facebook, because I am too lazy to do a screen shot.) Anne Palmer Johnson Brant and Annie’s Saturday Dawg Thread. 4 hours ago · Friends Only · Comment · LikeUnlike o… Read more →


Wherein Todd and I Put the Hurt on Five Dozen Oysters

Spent the whole day on the beach and then went to Indian Pass Raw Bar for a very late afternoon lunch. We hadn’t been there since before we had kids, so we kind of wondered how it would be with kids. No need to worry – The kids did awesome. We still didn’t get them to try oysters, so they… Read more →

I Love My Auburn Tiger Husband

He just decided to turn off his game in complete disgust and take the kids to the beach, thus leaving me alone with Quint the dog in an empty beach house, watching GA on the nice tv. Pouring my second Bloody Mary (V8 for vitamins and minerals, vodka to kill the cold) and thinking how awesome it must be to… Read more →

The Quarry and the Death of a Rock Star

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how The Georgia Guidestones were built in 1980, just 40 miles from Athens, and I have never been there, much less heard of them. I want to go as soon as possible. Totally cool story! Georgia’s granite is kind of interesting to me, too. I would love to see what Stone… Read more →

I admit it; I Gained from Todd’s Tigers’ Loss This Past Weekend

I’m not exactly an SEC football expert. I’m also not really an expert gambler, although I do come from a family that loves to play games and wager – yes, Rollie will probably inherit his great-grandfather’s dice – no, i am not kidding, and a Grandma that wouldn’t let me win at Sorry! But for fun, I decided to join… Read more →

Voice of My Childhood

Summer evenings growing up, the Braves were always on TBS in the background. And in the Fall, Larry was on the radio. My first solid memory of him is listening to him call a Kevin Butler field goal kick, sitting in my Mom’s red Caprice Classic station wagon, parked in the lots at the soccer fields across from the water… Read more →