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Maybe there is a greater power at work. Kids are a balm for grief. No one with young kids has time to sit around and ponder what it was like to hold a loved one’s hand as he took his last shallow breath, exhaled, and departed this world. Sure, it comes to you in flashes, but you don’t have time… Read more →


Pop’s not doing so well. Got the call that his vitals were all going downhill pretty quickly. Lisa and I both felt like we wanted to be here for mom and Dad, and for Pop. We took separate cars, to accommodate our adult schedules. Driving down this afternoon was strange. I cried in my car on the highway, driving 80… Read more →

Voice of My Childhood

Summer evenings growing up, the Braves were always on TBS in the background. And in the Fall, Larry was on the radio. My first solid memory of him is listening to him call a Kevin Butler field goal kick, sitting in my Mom’s red Caprice Classic station wagon, parked in the lots at the soccer fields across from the water… Read more →

Nerd Dirge

I am bummed about illustrator, Pauline Baynes passing. You will be, too, if you were like me and you absolutely lost yourself in Narnia and Middle Earth and the warrens of Watership Down. I never even knew her name. Her name. Very proud that those beautiful maps and covers that drew me into the stories were drawn by a female. Read more →

Kinda Sad Road Trip

Off to Louisville for T’s grandma’s funeral. Meemaw is gone. I have a lot of thoughts about her, and about how lucky I feel to have known her, but I need to digest the whole thing and will write when I get back. I figure going to ky will give me a little more perspective anyway. If you pray, or… Read more →