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Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

My mom, specifically. We were talking about my blog, and she said she loves to read about what the kids and I are up to, but never remembers to check it. I told her that she could subscribe to my blog and automatically get my updates via RSS.

She stared at me like I just told her that pink elephants could come to her house and check my blog for her every day.

Hence the new email subscription option over to the right. Maintenance performed almost purely for my mom and other family members who read my blog. (Dad doesn’t read it, and doesn’t want me writing about him or mom on my blog, or “he’ll sue my ass.” Nice. Love you too, Dad.

So, if you actually read my blog regularly (there are, like, five of you, i think) and don’t want to have to remember to check it, you can click here to subscribe to Dogwood Girl by email. And of course you brilliant computer-savvy folks still have the old RSS option.