Stars Gaze Down, Uncaring

Night falls I cry until no tears are left, or so i think; They keep coming, as hard as I’ve ever cried or at least in 30 years. I cry the tears of the girl who wanted a horse with her soul. She learned that sometimes you get nothing. She sought refuge outside; I can’t go in until it is all out of her. I beg the… Read more →



I have been pretty open about the fact that I’m struggling lately, so I think I will mention every once in a while how therapy is going. I figure that talking about it might help someone, especially if they have never been to therapy before. One of the things that happens when you go to counseling/therapy (or “therpy” as Pop used to call it)… Read more →

Elementary Electoral Fraud

So, let’s say your kids’ school has a mock presidential election.  Let’s say that you are sitting at the kitchen table and you ask your child about the election. You don’t care who your kid voted for, because you’re more interested in them learning about the election process than about platforms and issues, because elementary school is maybe a little… Read more →