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He’s 77

Thursday, March 24th, 2011


In dog years. I love that he sleeps pretty much all day, unless there is another dog around, or you utter the words, “treat,” “squirrel,” or “go.” I say, “wanna go pick up Tiller?” and he is up like a shot, arthritis be damned! Knocks the screen door open by himself and goes out to stand by the car. If i don’t come out fast enough, he trots around the car, as if making sure he doesn’t miss a door starting to open.

He climbs in, then gets in the passenger seat. Waits until i back out of the driveway, and finally turn out of the neighborhood on to the main road. Then he climbs up on that window sill and sticks his nose out like he was five years old again. He stays that way until I come to a light. Sits back down in the seat. Looks at traffic. After I turn? Back up in the window until I turn in at Tiller’s school. Then he waits until kids come out and then sticks the nose out again so all the kids can ooh and aaah over him.

I am so thankful for him; He is my best buddy.

Time Warp

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Tiller asked me whose hat this was, sitting on a shelf in my office.

And I said, “Here. I’ll show you.”

AnneBhamPeewees 001

That hat always makes me smile.

Crazy Shirts Alive and Well

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

“Crazy Shirts are Alive and Well,” says a distracted Tech Writer Attempting to work on projects at coffee shop on Sunday afternoon.

There are a plethora of Crazy Shirts available for my viewing pleasure today at the coffee shop. For the uninitiated, Crazy shirts are any bold and colorful patterned button down shirts worn by aging men trying to look interesting or cool despite beer guts and receding hairlines. Most commonly-seen are the hawaiian shirt variety, but lucky crazy shirt sightings might include geometric Max Headroom-style shirts, and other CRAZY patterns. Todd and i first identified the crazy shirt phenomenon a few years ago when given free tickets to see The Church at the Variety Playhouse. Crazy shirts abounded at that show.

Crazy shirts are alive and well at Alcove Coffee this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Thank God the hippie chick isn’t working and some punk rock kid with pink hair and piercings is controlling the music, or i would be in compete and utter hell.

p.s. Wife of most recent crazy shirt sighting had on a female version, involving palm trees on a sea blue background bordered by rum and tequila bottles. This will need further research.

A Mother’s Dilemma

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

I read an interesting article this morning on, about girls and sports. The blogger obviously has two very athletic girls who like to play sports; she bemoans the fact that society doesn’t seem to be able to reconcile beauty and unisex athleticism. Interesting, but not exactly a groundbreaking discussion.

But what about this? What if you are a fairly athletic mom, who grew up playing sports, excelled at many of them, loved playing them, and have a firm understanding of how integral a part they played in the confident adult you have become? What if you want that same confidence and love of exercise for your daughter?

And what if your daughter couldn’t care less about it?

My son loves sports, loves competition, and is pretty athletic, picking things up quickly, with great hand-to-eye coordination. My daughter just doesn’t have that same ingrained sense of competition or love of sport.

She likes to sing. And dance. And color. And sing. There is a lot of singing.

When I put her on a soccer field, she is oblivious to the ball. She is looking for dandelions in the grass, and perfecting twirling in circles as fast as possible. We say, “Just go out and have a good time.” She says, “I hate soccer.” I am making her play out the season, hoping it will click one day, and knowing it probably won’t, but taking her to the game anyway, because she signed up to be on a team, and at least she is learning something about follow-through and being part of a team, and obligation.

I want her to do some physical activity every season, to learn to make exercise a part of her life. We have done dance. (Suprisingly, she hated it. Evidently, baby girl doesn’t want someone to tell her how to dance.) We will put her on swim team this summer. If nothing else, she gets cheap swim instruction and a practice with friends every day. If she doesn’t want to swim in meets, we won’t make her.

I have thought that maybe she might enjoy karate, or something like that, more than team sports or ball sports.

But there is the dilemma: Am i trying to force something on her that is not in her nature? First and foremost, i am interested in her physical health. Am I wrong to force her to try different sports and activities, in hopes that something will catch her interest? I certainly don’t try to subvert her love of art and music, nor would i want to – they are an important part of who she is. I feel that I nurture those, too, but is it wrong to want to make sure she is physically active and healthy? Or am I doing more damage than good?

What is a mother to do?

And, God forbid, what if my daughter ends up wanting to be a cheerleader? Because, you know that is probably what will happen.

Sequestered with Littlest Pet Shops

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Tiller loves these Littlest Pet Shop toys. (Don’t get me started on “littlest” – I have just recently gotten over it.) So, she has about a million, and today she lined them up to watch her eat lunch, or as she put it, “to see what I get.”

Tills with Littlest Pet Shops at Lunch

She then ate her peanut butter and honey sandwich, singing them original song lyrics about sandwiches and pretzels to the tune of The Hold Steady’s “Sequestered in Memphis.”

She is a funny bird.