He’s 77


In dog years. I love that he sleeps pretty much all day, unless there is another dog around, or you utter the words, “treat,” “squirrel,” or “go.” I say, “wanna go pick up Tiller?” and he is up like a shot, arthritis be damned! Knocks the screen door open by himself and goes out to stand by the car. If i don’t come out fast enough, he trots around the car, as if making sure he doesn’t miss a door starting to open.

He climbs in, then gets in the passenger seat. Waits until i back out of the driveway, and finally turn out of the neighborhood on to the main road. Then he climbs up on that window sill and sticks his nose out like he was five years old again. He stays that way until I come to a light. Sits back down in the seat. Looks at traffic. After I turn? Back up in the window until I turn in at Tiller’s school. Then he waits until kids come out and then sticks the nose out again so all the kids can ooh and aaah over him.

I am so thankful for him; He is my best buddy.

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