Tag: Resentment

To Write, or Not to Write

Much to say, and just not gutsy enough to say it, so i haven’t been posting. I have been writing, keeping it to myself. Not bottling it up, but not letting it see light, either. Part of me thinks I am a big pussy for not just writing things out in the name of honesty and forthrightness. The other part… Read more →


Tiller’s Too Sexy for Church School

I’m not sure, but i think that a gaunt, horse-faced church lady (using that term loosely) just told me that Tiller’s skirt is too short. “You know, at elementary school, they say the acceptable length is knee-length.” She is wearing a jean skirt. She is three. What the fuck?* Does my daughter look like a hooker, or what? *And yes,… Read more →