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First Week of School

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

I can’t believe that school is back in session so early. I know that it makes a difference in the education of kids with crappy parents, but I feel like the good parents and the kids who still learn at home over the summer kind of get the shaft. It just seems like summer should be Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Rollie started first grade this year. FIRST GRADE. How do I have a first grader? I keep on thinking back to my first grade teacher, Miss Hamilton, at Northwestern Elementary in Crabapple. We only had one first grade. Rollie’s school has four first grade classes! I hope that his first grade experience is as rewarding as mine was. I remember my reading group, and the table at the back of the class where we would read together. I remember doing SRA cards, too. I remember music class with Mr. Martin and PE out on the field. I can still smell that old school.

We took Rollie to school the first day, because you have to send about three bags of supplies with the kids and they could never get it all on the bus and to school in one piece without some help. It was crowded, so Todd and Tiller dropped Rollie and I off out front and we went in together. He was so excited.

First Day of First Grade
We didn’t make it to class before they started the pledge of Allegiance. Everyone, parents and kids, all stopped in the hall and put their hands over their hearts and recited the pledge. It was comforting, in the same way that saying the Lord’s Prayer is comforting to me. I kissed him goodbye at his desk and headed back out.

Next day, we put him on the bus. Now, there is one little boy down the street who is in 2nd grade this year. He never rides the bus in the morning. Instead, it’s just Rollie and his harem:
At the Bus Stop

Yes, he has six girls at the bus stop with him. He is the only boy. Next year, with Tiller and her friend Josie down the street, the number will be eight girls to his one! Nice to have so many of them, so close in age, all on one street.

Good luck, little Man! I am very proud of you.


What’s Up with Me

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Not sure how I always end up so overwhelmed in the Fall. For one thing, school starts at the beginning of August, which, in my head, is still summer. So it catches me off guard.

  • Rollie is in school, and he has his first cold of the school year. It is the second week of school. I also have his first cold of the school year.
  • Tiller doesn’t start for another couple weeks. (I think. Guess I should check on that.)
  • I am volunteering at Rollie’s school, writing the monthly newsletter for the entire school (with a co-chair, thank god.) I also help with Literary Guild once a week.
  • The kids are gearing up for Fall extracurriculars – Both kids did well in soccer last year, so they are both playing again this fall. That means a weekly practice for Rollie, Rollie’s game on Saturdays, and Tiller’s on Sundays. (Tiller’s consists of running around, dancing on the field, drawing in the dirt, and lots and lots of crying.)
  • I am trying to up my mileage a bit to train for the Half at Thanksgiving. So far, ankle is holding up well, and it is just me being out of shape from over a month off my feet after the ankle sprain. I am also doing weight watcher’s at the same time, which makes for a ravenous Annie. Oh, and I am still growing out the dyed hair, hoping to go gray. It is getting more and more noticeable. I know. I still need to post some pics. Will do that one of these days.
  • Tiller started ballet and tap last week. Anyone who knows Tiller can probably imagine how humorous this event is. So, we are running around looking for tap shoes and leotards and ballet slippers. I am mostly wondering how I got myself into the whole mess in the first place.
  • And Rollie is playing baseball (well, t-ball) for the first time. It scares me to death, watching him walk around with a baseball bat. So many heads to crack, so little time. Should be interesting to watch, though. He seems to like to play and is very coordinated.
  • Todd is working his rear off, which is good in this economy, but makes for a stressed-out Todd and a single Mama Anne. I honestly don’t know how you single moms do it. Hats off to you. Todd will get the weekend off and then starts yet another job next week.
  • I am still crafting a complaint to file with Dekalb County schools concerning their botched Magnet lottery system, and especially, the beeyotches that run the program.
  • The car needs to be serviced, the basement is gearing up for renovations, which we are doing ourselves. I am taking a floor-laying class this Saturday. And in the midst of it all, my parents are cleaning out Pop’s house, having a garage sale this weekend, and trying to find a house in Atlanta.
  • Busy Fall.

    I am Busy, I am Bad

    Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

    So, this week has been crazy. I started back on Weight Watchers. I started training for the Thanksgiving Half-Marathon. Todd and I are trying to plan our basement renovations. I am writing the first monthly newsletter for my kids’ school. It has to go to the printer the same day that school starts. I am babysitting my nephew tonight and tomorrow.

    Got off to a terrible start this morning when I showed up at the open house registration with the wrong paperwork. The list of required documentation said “Proof of Residency, such as a utility bill, deed, et.” I brought my Comcast bill. They said they needed a utility bill and that phone didn’t count. Since when is phone not considered a utility bill!? Luckily, Todd had one in his car and ran out and got it, but I am pretty sure that I will be known in the future as “that bitchy Mom that got all huffy over the Comcast bill.” Oh, well. I have been called worse. And would it have killed the folks at the school to apologize to me for the confusion? Am i off base here?

    We proceeded to get Rollie squared away, and found his new Kindergarten classroom. His teacher seems nice, but I would be lying if I didn’t wish that her grammar was a little better. (Not sure if that makes me a snob or what. Is it too much to ask that my child’s teacher be well-spoken?) I do believe that what kids learn at home trumps what they learn in the classroom, though, and so I am sure he will be fine. And I do like that she seems kind of old school otherwise.

    Anyway, it’s Wednesday, and Rollie starts back to school on Monday. It will be nice to get back on schedule. Even if it means that I am old enough to have a Kindergartner! And oh, my GOD. He is going to ride the bus. I am scared. Very scared. And busy, and I guess kind of bad for being so judgmental about my kid’s teacher.

    Wait til you hear about me buying his baseball equipment. Now that is a funny story.

    Tiller’s Too Sexy for Church School

    Thursday, May 14th, 2009

    I’m not sure, but i think that a gaunt, horse-faced church lady (using that term loosely) just told me that Tiller’s skirt is too short.

    “You know, at elementary school, they say the acceptable length is knee-length.”

    She is wearing a jean skirt. She is three. What the fuck?* Does my daughter look like a hooker, or what?

    *And yes, there is just a smidge of lingering resentment over the fact that girls in high school must abide by the knee-length rule unless they are cheerleaders, in which case it is apparently acceptable for those who can do a back handspring and spirit fingers to wear a skirt so short they are showing their ass to the entire school.

    Vampires In School, Part II

    Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

    Update: The vampire at the school has a name and a girlfriend. His name is Sylar. He lives under the school. Yesterday, at nap time, the vampire was lying next to Rollie and he bit him on the wrist. But Rollie didn’t feel it, because he doesn’t see or feel or hear the vampire; only Tony does. Rollie said it didn’t hurt and upon inspection, there was no obvious bite mark. Then to add to the story, Rollie reveals to me that Sylar has a girlfriend who lives with him under the school: Muchacha. Yep, her name is Muchacha. Like i could make this shit up.

    Tony says that sometimes Sylar and Muchacha lie next to each other and kiss for a long time. Um, what the hell is going on over at Tony’s house?! Either way, Tony has an awesome imagination. And Rollie is either really great at suspending disbelief or really gullible.

    Either way, I can’t wait to find out what the next chapter in the Sylar and Muchacha saga reveals! I’ll keep you posted.

    Back to School

    Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

    I cannot believe that I dropped off my little Tiller for her first day of school today. Okay, not real school, but the Mommies’ Morning Out program. She goes Tuesdays and Thursdays for three whole hours. She was so excited to put on her big girl backpack. Keep your traps shut about the fact that it is Rollie’s hand-me-down backpack; He got a brand spanking new Diego backpack for his birthday, and it just seemed ludicrous to throw the old one out, so I just crossed out his name and put hers on the backpack. I also drew her a nifty flower to girl it up a little. Then I felt guilty for not drawing anything on Rollie’s backpack, so I drew him a car. Two more fun things about being a Mom – 1) You can guilt yourself about just about anything where your kids are concerned and 2) You will need a Sharpie. Often.

    Both kids got out of the van, with Todd’s help. He followed us over to school for her first day, since we did it last year for Rollie’s first day. Yes, Todd is the best Daddy ever. They were so cute, with backpacks and raring to go. They humored me while we took some pictures to commemorate the big event. Rollie was cracking me up, saying hello to the Pastor and to his friends from last year. We took him to his classroom first. He went right in, found his hook, hung up his backpack, and started playing. He said, “Hey guys!” when he walked in the room. Tiller followed him in at a run, with her backpack too big for her body, and mimicked big brother with a very cute, “Hey, guys!” to the big kids in Rollie’s class. Luckily, she was not upset when we put her in the room with kids her own age.

    We walked her down to the room, and the door was shut. She went right in, starting to play before we could get her backpack off her. We showed her where her hook was and hung up her backpack, because she wasn’t able to reach the hook yet. She went right back to playing with cars. Todd and I said bye-bye, and slipped out. No tears, not even a glance.

    Then I went to meet Lisa for coffee and unadulterated adult conversation (can adult conversation be unadulterated?) for over two whole straight hours. It was good. Really, really good.